Our Sanitization Process

With the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, everyone is on high alert and searching for ways to protect themselves, their homes, and businesses from potential contamination. One of the best practices to stay safe and lower your risk of exposure is to maintain a clean and sanitized home and office space. Cascade Clean Team is here to help! We are now offering additional services to make sure the areas you come in contact with the most are sanitized and disinfected. 

ULV Foggers use cold fogging techniques that involve pumping a fogging solution into a special nozzle that creates air flow. To produce the solution into tiny droplets, foggers are equipped with motors that produce a high power, low pressure air stream that gets sprayed out of the nozzle as a fine mist. ULV foggers are safe for both indoor and outdoor use and can be adjusted to output a precise particle size, averaging between 5-30 microns. This allows the use in different applications for odor control, pest control, and disinfection.

ULV (Ultra Low Volume) Foggers disperse extremely small particle sizes, making it highly-effective for disinfecting bacteria and germs in small crevices and larger open spaces. 


We follow up with a thorough hand-cleaning of hard surfaces to verify final sanitation.


Using hospital-grade products, we sanitize and disinfect your space, keeping you and everyone in the space safeguarded.


Our Cleaning Products

Betco Symplicity™ Sanibet™ Multi‑Range Sanitizer Disinfectant Deodorizer

A hospital-grade disinfectant product that is EPA registered and CAN BE USED AGAINST CORONAVIRUS. This EPA-approved broad range sanitizer kills 99.99% of food service organisms, including Listeria, E.coli, and Salmonella. It can be used on food contact surfaces as well as floors, walls, and other hard, non-porous surfaces.

PERdiem® General Purpose Cleaner with Hydrogen Peroxide

A highly-effective concentrated cleaner based on proprietary Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP®) technology. This heavy-duty cleaner is safe on most hard surfaces, including marble floors. Multiple dilutions allow for cleaning a wide range of applications including floors, walls, glass, and other hard surfaces, even carpets. This product is phosphorous-free, colorless, odorless, and contains no added dyes or fragrance. 

PROCYON® Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser

Green Seal Certified and Environmentally Certified, this green powered soap-free product is great for cleaning surfaces without leaving a soapy or sticky residue. From blinds to walls, and everything in between, this odorless cleaner is powerful yet versatile, and can remove even the toughest of soils.  PROCYON Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser is Indoor Air Quality tested and certified, and is safe to use in enclosed areas for people with asthma, allergies, and other respiratory concerns. There are no VOCs and this cleaner is odor free.


Coronavirus has quickly gained a reputation for being particularly insidious. It can survive on surfaces for up to a week, and people infected by the virus don't show symptoms until approximately two weeks, making it difficult to track and contain. Reducing germs and bacteria in your business or home with frequent sanitization methods is now more important than ever.

Our sanitization process destroys surface and airborne bacteria, germs, viruses and pathogens in a matter of seconds. With ULV foggers and compressed air sprayers, we can quickly tackle large commercial spaces while killing viruses on all those hard-to-reach surface areas.


1. Commercial Buildings such as offices (small to large), convention centers, retail spaces, salons and barber shops, fitness centers, daycares, churches and other places of worship, banks, and more.

2. Medical Buildings such as doctor's offices and other medical facilities. 

3. Municipal Buildings such as classrooms, auditoriums, libraries, courthouses, and other government establishments. 


For more information on our coronavirus disinfection cleaning methods and for residential inquiries, get in touch with us today!